OccFit Solutions offers semi-custom, rigid-sole orthotic inserts that help treat and prevent foot pain, falling arches and plantar faciitis. The orthotics we offer are firm, adjustable, heat moldable arch supports that help control, stabilize and balance the foot. They absorb shock and reduce friction to improve overall foot comfort.

The On Site Orthotic Fitting Process

OccFit Solutions offers on-site orthotic fittings for your employees as part of our lower leg health program. We travel to your facility, set up at a table in a central area, such as the lounge, and provide education and fitting services to interested employees.

What is the cost?

  • Our semi-custom orthotics can rendered to employees on a company-pay basis.
  • Employees themselves can opt to purchase the orthotics as an out of pocket expense.
  • In cases where company insurance covers the cost of the orthotics with a doctor’s note, OccFit solutions can bill for reimbursement through insurance at no out of pocket cost to the employee.

Why OccFit Solutions?

OccFit’s semi-custom-fit orthotics can reduce health insurance claims, increase productivity and be cost effective. Let OccFit Solutions be your Walk-Rite work place solution. Your employees’ feet deserve the best!