OccFit Solutions offers a comprehensive occupational health program focused on bracing. The program is provided to employees during the “Healthy Leg Day” or Health Fair events in conjunction with the Stand-Rite and Walk-Rite programs.

As a Durable Medical Equipment company, we carry a full line of medical and orthopedic bracing. Our bracing solutions address the upper (shoulder, elbow, wrist), lower (knee, ankle, foot), abdominal and back/neck areas of the body to ensure a comprehensive offering.

Our Brace-Rite program is especially appropriate to those employees who for long periods of time perform repetitive tasks, lift heavy items and stand or walk on hard surfaces. The appropriate brace is selected based on the specific needs of the employee and the recommendation of the doctor.

In the great majority of cases, company insurance covers the cost of the orthopedic braces for an employee with a doctor’s note.

Employees themselves can opt to purchase braces as an out of pocket expense or as a payroll deduction.

OccFit solutions handles the administrative duties associated with the insurance-pay program, such as contacting doctors’ offices for prescriptions and billing insurance for reimbursement.