OccFit Solutions offers a comprehensive on-site lower leg health program. The onsite program is promoted to employees as “Healthy Leg Day”.

We specialize in graduated medical compression socks and stockings that help increase circulation in the legs, thereby decreasing leg aches and pains, swelling, the progression of spider and varicose veins, circulation disorders associated with diabetes, and the chance for developing blood clots in the legs.

Our Stand-Rite program is especially appropriate to those employees who are on their feet for long periods of time or for those employees who travel for greater than four hours, including layovers.

Your company can decide to render a certain number of pairs to all employees or to high-risk cases on a company-pay basis. Some companies consider compression personal protective equipment (PPE)and work the cost into their budget accordingly.

Employees themselves can opt to purchase compression socks or stockings as an out of pocket expense or as a payroll deduction.

In the great majority of cases, company insurance covers the cost of the compression garments for an employee with a doctor’s note.

OccFit solutions handles the administrative duties associated with the insurance-pay program, such as contacting doctors’ offices for prescriptions and billing insurance for reimbursement.

What to Expect:


1. Healthy Leg Day

(1 Day)

On the day of the event, a Certified Fitter will be on-site to speak with you to understand what products best meet your needs, ensure correct sizing and capture your information.

  1. A table display will be set up complete with swatches, literature, paperwork, measuring tapes, and promotional items.
  2. An OccFit Solutions certified fitter will meet individually with interested employees to discuss their needs and concerns. Additionally, the team will educate the employee on compression therapy and explain the various types of socks and stockings available.
  3. Employee completes paperwork, which contains:
    • Employee’s Full Name
    • Address – Stockings will get mailed directly to employee.
    • Email Address – Email address allows us to communicate with the employee in a timely manner should any issues arise with their order and for re-ordering product.
    • Contact Number – The phone number of the employee will be used only for instances in which the team needs to speak with the employee regarding their order.
    • Insurance Information (Provider, Group Number and ID#) – OccFit Solutions files the paperwork to insurance carrier and receives payment. The deductibles and co-insurance is paid through the “Healthy Leg Day” program. There is no additional out-of-pocket expense to the employee. *
    • Physician Name and Number – OccFit Solutions contacts the employee’s primary care physician to generate a prescription for the garments.
    • Employer Information (Including location if company has multiple locations) – Helps our office with filing.
  4. Member of OccFit Solutions team or product manufacturer measures employee to ensure proper sizing.
  5. Employee selects the style, color, and number of stockings. (Max number of stockings available to employee is dependent on the number covered by their insurance carrier quarterly, semi-annually or annually.)

2. Prescription from Doctor

(2-3 weeks)

Our team will handle contacting your doctor for the prescription based on the information you provide to us, making it easier for you!

  1. OccFit Solutions contacts the employee’s primary care physician to get the prescription, unless corporate physician is used.
  2. Once prescription is received, and insurance verified, stockings are shipped priority mail to employee’s home or address provided during “Healthy Leg Day”.

It is important to note that some providers can take several weeks to provide the prescription to our office. If we don’t receive a prescription, we will contact the provider again, up to 3 times, requesting the prescription. If the provider fails to provide a prescription, we will email the employee to inform them that their provider has failed to provide a prescription.


NOTE: If a provider fails to provide a prescription, then OccFit Solutions cannot fulfill the customer order and the order will be cancelled until the employee can provide a prescription.


3. Insurance Verification

(1-2 Days)

OccFit Solutions contractors handle the administration duties of the insurance so you don’t have to!

Each insurance company has different levels of coverage so to simplify the process, OccFit Solutions contractors handle the administration duties associated with the insurance-pay program and will file the insurance claim for reimbursement.


4. Product(s) Shipped

(3-5 Days)

We hand pack each of our orders and ship them to you with care!


5. Re-order

Sign up for auto-renewal to easily get your re-orders throughout the year!

Some plans allow for more than 1 order per year. If your company covers multiple orders, simply sign up for the auto-renew and it will enable us to send your additional order at the appropriate time during the year.

It is important that each year you get fitted again to ensure proper fit of the garments. OccFit Solutions will visit facilities for re-orders and new employees. If OccFit Solutions is unable to visit facility, a re-order form will be sent to the employee to provide any updated information.


6. Annual Fitting to Ensure Proper Fit