What if I have a flex spending account? (eg, FSA, HRA, HSA)

You can still participate in the compression sock program; however, you must authorize the transaction.  You need to be aware that depending on what remains of your annual, individual health insurance deductible, that amount of money may be debited from your flex account and paid directly to the company that is filing the insurance claim.

For example, here are the possible senarios that could apply to a person with a flex spending account:

  1. Your annual, individual health insurance deductible is $0.  In this case, your flex account will not be billed.
  2. You have an annual, individual health insurance deductible greater than $0, but less than the total cost of the compression socks.  Your flex account will be billed for this amount, reflective of whatever your deductible is.  For example, if you have a $200 deductible, your flex will be debitted $200 towards the cost of the compression socks.  The rest of the cost will be covered by your insurance company.
  3. You have an annual, individual health insurance deductible greater than $0, but you have already met it down to $0 for the year.  In this scenario, your flex account will not be billed.
  4. You have a flex account, but you have used up all the money in it.  In this case, your flex cannot be debited.

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