About OccFit Solutions

Hard working compression for healthy legs.

Wellness Source, Inc. became OccFit Solutions in March, 2011 to expand the products and services we offer. We provide quality, durable medical equipment — compression garments and orthotic inserts — that work as hard as you do.

The Stand-Rite program focuses on medical compression therapy to treat and prevent the symptoms of venous disease and poor circulation of the lower extremities. We attend health and safety fairs or host dedicated “Healthy Leg Days” at facilities nationwide. Our certified fitters travel on-site to facilities that have employees who stand, sit or travel for extended periods of time. Employee who are concerned or simply inquisitive can take advantage of a brief venous screening, fitting services, educational materials and tips on how to improve their lower leg health.

The Walk-Rite program is usually carried out in conjunction with the Stand-Rite program. Walk-Rite incorporates orthotic inserts as part of a lower leg health program to treat and prevent pain and discomfort in the feet, ankles, knees and back after prolonged standing, especially on concrete surfaces. As with the Stand-Rite program, certified fitters come on-site to health and safety fairs or to run dedicated events to fit employees for the inserts.

OccFit Solutions is dedicated to providing quality products and services to meet the needs of hard-working employees. As an accredited durable medical equipment company, OccFit Solutions works with integrity to abide by HIPAA rules, standards and implementation to maintain patient privacy. We are glad you chose us! We hope to serve you well.